The Robyn Saga is a four-part Twine I made about the nature of porn, fetishes, and female-led relationships. Each part takes roughly 15-30 minutes to read through. Please note that this story is highly sexual, pornographic, extreme, fetishistic, and at times, somewhat avant-garde.

Although The Robyn Saga may seem unnecessarily graphic, I feel that it is worth sharing due to it portraying certain aspects of sexuality not often discussed. I also feel that the later parts of the story bring up some interesting points for conversation, especially related to the idea of female-led relationships.

For people who are too lazy or uncomfortable reading the entire thing, here is the basic skeleton of the story if you want to skip to a specific part:

  1. The Elevator - Introduction.
  2. The Box - High porn content.
  3. The Diary - Discussion of female-led relationships emerges.
  4. The Prism - Personal, experimental ending.

I hope at least some people enjoy this.


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